What I have learned so far about (North) Texas

Well, I have been a resident of Texas now for over two months, and there are some things that I have learned. I thought I would share!

Texans love flying their state flag. Living in Ohio, I honestly can’t remember seeing our flag being flown in someone’s yard, on a street corner, etc. To tell the truth, I’m not sure I know what the Ohio state flag looks like.

All other state flags must be flown lower than the U.S. flag. Not Texas

Drivers really don’t like using their turning signals. It can be really stressful.

If there is rain in the forecast, it is talked about for at least an entire week beforehand. Like it’s armageddon or something. I mean, I understand it’s totally justified because they need the rain and it also creates flood risk. But still. I’m like, in Ohio people get excited for a day WITHOUT rain. Also, people drive in the rain here like I would drive in the snow. Not that I would want someone to drive faster than they are comfortable, but let’s just say that I have passed many cars going very slow on the highway/tollway in the rain.

Texas had to introduce me to the big rain with a good ol' flooded car scare.
Texas had to introduce me to the big rain with a good ol’ flooded car scare.

I have learned a new meaning to the word TRAFFIC. And I really really don’t like it. One of the most frustrating things for me here is the length of time I have had to spend in traffic.  It is just so hard for me to get used to because I am such a planned person. and there’s no way to plan based on something that is so unpredictable.

With the above being said, it is nice to be stuck in traffic with (mostly) ‘nice’ drivers. Now, of course there is the occasional assertive driver who waits until the last minute to merge over, or others who aren’t as patient. But as a whole I feel like most days we could all be singing a round of “We’re all in this together!” (You know the song, from High School Musical!

U-turns are completely acceptable. In fact, it’s expected. They even have lanes designated for the act.

A cold front no longer means “prepare for the air to hurt your face”.

There truly is no Friday night quite like Friday night high school football. High school football is big in Ohio, but I can honestly say as an outsider looking in that there is no comparison. Right now I am living in in Allen, home of the state champs in football as well as the largest band in the country. Yes, COUNTRY! It only took me abut 2.5 minutes to get engrossed in the game and ready to ring the cowbell with their first touchdown. Not only is the stadium the size of a private college stadium, but the experience was even more jaw dropping when I saw hard core tailgating going on while we drove past the thousands of cars to find a parking spot Friday night lights has definitely become a regular occurrence.

Go Allen Eagles!
Go Allen Eagles!
At an Allen High School football game. No, that is not a college football stadium.
At an Allen High School football game. No, that is not a college football stadium.

To go along with the above, no matter how busy you are, there is always time for the above football games. I learned this as a result of the following conversation:

On a Friday afternoon, Kim is going back and forth in the house doing multiple things at once……

Kim: “Man, I just have so much to do today and I’m running out of time!”

Me: “Are you sure you should go to the football game tonight?”

Kim: “……..what do you mean?”

Me: “Like, do you have time to go or do you think you should just stay home to get some stuff done?”

Kim: (Gives me a funny look) “Uh no….. there’s always time for Friday night football!”

Enough said.

If Dallas needs to build another road because the population is growing so rapidly, but there is no room to build another road; they just build incredibly high bridges on top of the existing bridges and make the road happen.

If there is even one small cloud in the sky that covers the sun for even five minutes, everyone starts thinking that it’s going to rain.

There are probably more Spanish radio stations than English speaking stations.

I have never seen more houses decorated so full out for halloween. Like, it’s kind of creeping me out a little.

It is completely normal to walk into a coffee shop, grocery store, bank, or other public place and hear Christian music playing.

People here are just all around friendlier.

Saying “y’all” is seriously so easy to allow to just roll off your tongue. I’m a huge fan.

They don’t blame George W. for all of America’s problems here. And I love that!

No matter where you are at the time of a sunset, as long as you are outside you will get to see the beautiful colors painting the sky.

All of the highways, which are many, have roads on both sides called service roads. So not only is it a 4+ lanes on both sides highway, there is a 3-4 lane road on either side. There’s also not just highways, but tollways. In the north I suppose they would be considered turnpikes. They also don’t waste time with the toll booths here, so I had to get myself a tollgate to put on the front of my car.

Me with my very own Texas Toll tag. Which basically means now the toll amounts just get taken out my account.
Me with my very own Texas Toll tag. Which basically means now the toll amounts just get taken out my account.

That’s all for now; I am sure that there are even more things to come to be learned. It’s kind of a whole new world here, and I am enjoying the discoveries.

God is good. I am blessed. Go Buckeyes! 


One thought on “What I have learned so far about (North) Texas

  1. Kate, I loved reading all your discoveries of Texas. It does sound like a whole new world and that you are adjusting well. As in any place, you have to take the good with the bad. Those traffic jams sound just awful to me. But I could take the sunnier weather without a problem, though the heat in the summer would get to me.

    Someday (soon, I hope?) I’d love to hear how your job is going.

    Wishing you many Blessings, my dear Kate.



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