New Everything

When I think of this past year, I mostly think of the last four months of transition with my move to Texas. I’ve had new everything.

When 2015 began, I had a sense that the year would bring change. In my mind I thought that this was just because my roommate was getting married and my living arrangements might change. Man was I wrong.

I have spent the past week in Ohio for Christmas and getting to see family and friends I’ve missed. My time here has given me some time to look back and appreciate what this year has brought. It’s been four months now since I moved from Ohio to Texas. Part of me feels like it’s been a lifetime and the other part feels like it was just last week I boarded that one way flight.

I didn’t know what to expect coming back to the state I have a love/hate relationship with. I was excited to see everyone, but also nervous that it would possibly bring back some regret of moving in the first place. It’s become clear to me that in the four months I’ve been in Texas, it has quickly come to feel like home. Here in Ohio, it will always be ‘home’ in a sense. Some of my family is still here, my friends and friends’ kids I am close with, my sports teams, and other familiar things. I recognize that much of what I left behind is a part of the package of memories left behind in Ohio. There are some people, however, that I consider to special to be left as just memories, but people I must remain in contact with.

From the moment I booked my flight to Ohio, I prayed for no snow. So far that prayer has been granted. (I should have included freezing rain in the prayer.) I also have been wishing and hoping that a good friend of mine would go into labor about two weeks early while I am here so that I can meet her new baby. Selfish? Maybe. But it happened! I got to meet the most precious 8 lb 10 oz bundle I have ever seen. Putting him down knowing I don’t get to watch him grow first hand like I got to see his big sister and brother was hard. Another sacrifice of my move.

My time has been filled with making new memories. Christmas with family, getting together with friends, visiting baby Emersyn and his mommy in the hospital, Kate date with two of my favorites, lunches with some of the best people ever, and so much more.

Every night that I lay in bed a sleepy grown up going through my photos and selfies of the day, I think to myself ‘how did I get to be so blessed to have so many people in my life to love, and so many people who love me back?’ I guess this is where the blog post gets a little deep. I’ve been able to do some traveling in my young life. I’ve seen some of the most desperate, poverty stricken people of all ages. Any human with even the tiniest amount of compassion would feel their heart breaking. So out of the countless people who are left as orphans and may never know what it is to be truly loved by another human; here I am with countless people, children included, that I get to have the happiest moments with. Rather than letting my mind wander to feeling guilty, I remind myself how blessed this makes me. I guess this also makes me appreciate getting to see these people, even if now it will only be one or two times a year, plus any face time opportunities. Although I wish they could all be in Texas with me, the love won’t go away.

So now, this year of change and transition has come to an end. My plans to get home to Texas changed as well. In the theme of trying to be spontaneous (which I’m not good at), I decided to cancel my New Year’s Day flight and drive 18 hours down with my friend who lives in Louisiana. She will be driving me to Dallas and heading to her home. She won’t have to make the drive alone now. Why not start 2016 with an 18 hour long road trip?

Goodbye 2015, you have been a scary, changing, crazy year. So many exciting things happened this past year, but 2015 will be remembered by me as the year I took the leap to move away from Ohio. Here’s to some new beginnings and discoveries in a new home.

God is Good. I am Blessed. Go Buckeyes!



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