It’s Been …. ‘A While’

405….. No, I’m not talking about the popular Southern California freeway. That’s approximately how long it has been since I posted in this blog. I don’t have any legitimate reasons other than my awe of how quickly 2016 flew by.

The beginning of my first full year in in the greatest state ever was filled with many weeks of working overtime and finding another car after my beautiful white Jetta was totaled in a Texas sized hail storm. Once the overtime died down a bit, it was summertime and I did everything possible to enjoy the heat and sunshine, as well as enjoying many activities with the nanny kids. I got to experience the joy of a Cleveland team finally winning a championship. (It involved me jumping around screaming at 10:00 pm, then falling to the ground in disbelief.) Fall brought a new part time job at my church to keep me busy and creative, and that took me into winter where I quickly found a routine that works.

Last year also allowed me to take many trips to visit family. I got to be a part of a surprise birthday party for my cousin’s amazing wife, I celebrated my 27th birthday with two amazing friends in Louisiana, went to Ohio in July for baseball, friends I miss every day, and a family reunion, vacation with some of my favorite family in Michigan to end the summer. Remember those friends in Louisiana? Well, they had a beautiful baby girl and I got to meet her and spend a couple wonderful days with them. I even got to be completely spontaneous and fly to Cleveland for two days when the Indians were in the World Series! (Although we lost, that game 7 was amazing and I had a lot of fun.) I finished out the year with a trip back up to Ohio for Thanksgiving, and spent Christmas with my Texas family.

I could go on and on about what the year 2016 was full of. While I was able to travel and enjoy the wonderful weather that Texas has, I also had many days of missing my friends and family. I just choose to remember the good instead of thinking about the sad. One thing I learned that I will never forget; you can take the girl out of Ohio, but you can’t completely take Ohio out of the girl. And in my case, this would be the Ohio/Cleveland sports. As much as I try to get myself into the sports teams here in Dallas, there’s nothing like the teams I was born and raised to love.

So, this was my 2016 in a blog post nutshell. I love getting to say “y’all” without getting strange looks. I even used the term “fixin’ to” correctly a few times recently! To be honest, when I sit here and think about it….. I can’t believe that 2016 has come and gone. In fact, it’s basically halfway through February! Whoa.

I am hoping that this post – the first in approximately 405 days – will be one of many to come in the year 2017. There are many people up north that I miss dearly and this just seems like a good way to keep them updated only life. There are some new adventures coming up in my life this year. In fact, I anticipate that here in the next couple of weeks I will get to post about another big change coming up. Stay tuned……

God is Good. I am blessed. Cleveland against the world!


2 thoughts on “It’s Been …. ‘A While’

  1. 💗 You’re missed in Ohio, but I love that you’re enjoying the journey! Too many people complain about where they’re at (literally and figuratively), but do nothing to change it. One thing I always loved about you is your sense of adventure and that you’re not afraid to “go for it”! One of the perks of being young, single, and kid-free! Enjoy the ride! Hopefully we will get to see you on your next trip! Or maybe I will get to see you in Texas when I come visit Charity! 🤠😎💗


  2. Katy, it is soo good to hear from you! I just love your wonderful spirit and your zest for life. It reminds me that I, too, was once young and brave, anticipating what was just around the bend.

    It is great to get this update on your life. I look forward to discovering what is next for you…

    Love you, Kate!


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