You’re gonna want to read this – Another Move!

I’ve been thinking a lot the past few weeks about how to go about writing this particular blog post. It’s kind of a big deal. I feel like my brain is just beginning to wrap itself around the change that is about to take place in my life. So I guess I’ll just go right ahead and type it…. I’m moving. Again. No, not back to Ohio. (If I ever say that, check the calendar to see if it’s April 1.) I’m moving to the Washington DC area. If you are reading this and have known me a while, you’re probably wondering if this is legit. Once you’ve realized that I am not joking, you may continue reading…..

Let me rewind and explain a bit about how I got to this new life change.

Almost 4 weeks ago my boss (the mother of the family I nanny) sat me down while the kids were taking naps and got right to it- she was taking a job in D.C. and they would be moving. But also; they would love for me to move with them. Wait….. come again!? I somehow kept my composure during the conversation we had for the following 45 minutes. It was the 24 hours after that when the reality of the decision I had to make settled in. The best way I can find to describe my state of mind is ‘confused shock’.

I don’t think I will waste your time explaining the details of exactly how I came to a decision. It did however involve that song by The Clash running through my head often. (Should instay or should I go) and yes, a pros/cons list. Okay, but really. It was 48 hours of taking many many things into consideration, and much prayer. And the pros and cons list. By the weekend my brain felt fried, so I took a break from adulting and ‘ran away’ to my Texas family’s house, the Zakseks, for some relax time and the Super Bowl. By the end of that weekend, I knew that I had a strange peace about going through with the move.

If I think about it logically, it might not make sense. Especiallly because I straight up love it here in Dallas. All I know is that I feel like this is an opportunity God wants me to take. I have 3 months left of being 27, and while I’ve been told by some that this is the age I’m supposed to be settling down and getting married, I find this to be the perfect time to explore yet another new place. So why not go for it? It’s not like I can’t end up coming back to the greatest state ever. Truthfully, there are many reasons for me  to do this and go to the east coast with my nanny family. There are just as many reasons for me to stay here in Texas. (If you are curious about any of these reasons, hit me up. I don’t mind sharing.)


So there it is. I’m moving to a Washington DC. (Technically outside of D.C., in Virginia.) I am still giving myself time to let that fully sink in…. but I also don’t have a whole lot of time since the move will be happening fairly soon. There are still some details to be worked out; like trying to find someone who would like to take over my current apartment lease and where I am going to store my belongings that won’t be coming with me. I have come to the conclusion that this is teaching me an entire new level of faith , since there are so many things that I just have to trust will work out.

When I moved to Texas 18 months ago, I never (EVER) thought I would relocate again. I should probably just get used to the fact that I have no idea where life is going to take me next. However, I definitely feel like over the past 2 years I am getting better at being a bit more spontaneous and adventurous. I’m not gonna lie- I’m pretty  nervous. Scared almost. I’m a girl who likes making a plan. This was not even remotely close to being in my plan. But I am curious enough to see what will happen through this opportunity. And if nothing else, I can return to Texas and say I got to live in and explore a cool place for a bit. (After all, I AM telling myself that I will ultimately end up back here in Texas.)

I suppose I should think of another blog name now since I will soon enough not be in a Texas world…… (currently accepting suggestions)

God is good. I am blessed. Go Cleveland everything!


3 thoughts on “You’re gonna want to read this – Another Move!

    1. ah, yes please! There are many things that excite me about this, but many others that terrify me if i let myself think to much about it. the possibility of seeing friends and family on weekends is what keeps me focused.

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  1. Kate, this is exciting news! Some things are just meant to be, and I believe this is one of them. You will be closer to your family in the South, and an easy train ride up the East coast to see us (if you come before we move).

    I lived in the Northern Virginia area, so I know several people there. I’ll be happy to introduce you to them. It’s an exciting place to live… you see people from all over the world because there is such diversity there.

    It is hard to leave a place you love for a place you don’t know. However, you are an adventurous spirit, or you would not have gone to Texas in the first place. If it’s meant to be, you will find your way back to Texas. In the meantime, enjoy Northern Virginia… there is ALWAYS something going on there. So many free concerts and cultural events happening every night. I promise to visit you!

    Good luck finding someone who will take over your lease, and all the other details that go with a big move. I’ll be sending my thoughts and prayers your way. May God’s Love and Light shine on you along the roads you travel.


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