10 Days and counting

This post is mainly for those who have been interested in the development of my move. It’s a really just a lot of my thoughts and not so much fun photos…… so continue reading if you choose!

If someone would have told me two years ago that in 2017 I would be moving to the DC area, I would have given them the ‘are you crazy!?’ look. After all, in March of 2015 I was planning and saving for my big move from Ohio to Texas. But just over a week ago there I was journeying across eight states to drive my car to Northern Virginia and leave it there until I make the official physical move. When I returned from this road trip, my belongings were loaded onto the moving trailers along with my nanny family’s. It got very real very quickly.

As the reality of what I am about to do (moving to DC/Virginia) is taking place and sinking in, I am discovering that this is requiring a whole new level of faith. While it was difficult to leave family and close friends 19 months ago when I moved to Texas, I was doing something I had wanted to do for years: leave Ohio for warmer weather and new adventures. This time I am moving to the East Coast, not quite as north as Ohio but still north enough to be cold, and to a place I honestly never thought about living. So to take this step seems absolutely insane when I think about what it was that I wanted 2 years ago when I was planning my move to Texas. But I believe that everything happens for a reason, and right now I feel as though I need to to take this opportunity to explore yet another new place. I guess time will tell how long I can last after being spoiled by the beautiful country (I mean state) of Texas.

While loving the great state of Texas seems obvious to me, I love adventure more. I have always credited my tan skin and dark hair as well as my responsible nature awesome ability to plan and organize to my dad. Growing up I was never very fond of change. However, now that I am growing into adulthood I have found there is undoubtedly one thing (among many others) that I got from my mother; my love of adventure.

The last couple of weeks have been tiring, busy, and difficult at times. But in 10 days I will board a plane with two kids and no longer live in the great state of Texas. Ten days and counting.

God is good. I am blessed. Go Cleveland everything!


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