Perspective of Adventure

PER-SPEC-TIVE (n) a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. *credit to google search engine*

0 days and no more counting.

Today I board ‘the’ flight.

You know what’s hard? Going through a big change/move and trusting that everything will work out the way you think it needs to. You know what even harder? Trusting that you’re doing the right thing, even when you feel like that right thing is to leave a place/state that you absolutely love with people you love to go to a different place that has cold weather for 5 months out of the year.

However, instead of looking at everything I am saying goodbye to when I board a nonstop flight from Dallas to DC, I choose to think about the exciting parts of this opportunity. Those items I put in the ‘Pros’ list I made many weeks ago. My attempt at keeping my perspective in check is what has kept me pushing through these past few weeks of mixed emotions. I could stay in North Texas and continue living a life I have become comfortable with. Or I could embrace this awesome opportunity and just be open to what the future has in store. (spoiler alert; I’m choosing the second option.)

I realize the past few posts I have put together have been quite the emotional ones. But I am a Cleveland sports fan, after all. We aren’t anything if not full of emotion and feelings. (I am preparing for Cavs playoffs as well.)  I like to analyze things. Not just things. EVERYTHING. If everything had a cousin, I would analyze that too. So you can be assured that I have overthought everything about this move I am making. Every time I come to the same conclusion; keep the perspective I was given in the beginning when I decided to do this. There are many unknowns that I am feeling, but also so many possibilities. I promise that once I get to DC and settled a bit (and rested) I will have some fun posts!

So the next time I type and post on my blog it will be from my new home in Virginia. And hopefully I will have come up with a cool new blog name by then.

You know what else is hard? Flying with 2 young children. But I am sure I will mention that in my next post…… prayers y’all. Prayers. 🙂

God is good. I am blessed. Texas Forever. Go Cavs!


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