About Me

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I am an Ohio girl at heart. I was born and raised about 45 miles east of Cleveland in a small country town with roads allowing speeds of 55 mph and winter weather forecasts of snow measured by the foot. However, my parents traded in that small town for an even tinier ‘out there’ Ohio town when I was in middle school and as I grew older and more tired of the long Ohio winters, I slowly began hoping that Ohio would not be my home forever. (Although I’m proud to consider Cleveland my homeland.) I have created this blog to share my upcoming adventures with anyone who may want to follow them.

In 2015 I left my job of over five years as a children’s ministry director at a large church in the Youngstown, Ohio area and moved to Dallas, Texas. I’m just a typical 27 year old single gal taking life as it comes.

Just  few ‘Fun Facts’ about me. Maybe I will add more as they come to me….

1. My parents were raised amish. No, I am not amish. My parents chose to leave the amish community and church right before I was born. Yes, I do have many amish relatives. Maybe I will get into that later. My (no longer amish) aunt is an author, though, and has a blog. check it out! salomafurlong.com (yes that was a shameless plug for a family member)

2. I have a bordeline obsession with the Bush family. Mostly George W. Bush, but I think George Bush Sr. is pretty great too. Not even necessarily because of their times as president, but just because of how they live their lives.

3. Contrary to popular belief, I am not hispanic. Or Italian. Or Polynesian. Or Greek. Or a Kardashian. In fact, I had to take an ancestry.com DNA test to find out exactly what I am.

4. I enjoy taking selfies. Especially if it is with a cute child.

5. I am a recovering coffee addict.

6. I was born and raised a Cleveland and Ohio State fan. No matter where I live, those teams will always be my #1. It’s in my blood. Daddy raised me right. (to be loyal)

7. I love listening to the 90s Pop station on pandora.

8. I am now a full time nanny for an amazing family with two kids. They keep me busy and blessed.


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