Who’s Who

I am blessed to have many amazing people in my life. Chances are, I will be talking about a lot of these people in my future posts. I figured I’d help any of my readers out by putting a face to some of their names. (No worries, they won’t mind!)

IMG_9664    IMG_0002

First off, these are my siblings 🙂 Leanna, Nolan, Grace, and Sarah. We may all be grown now and living in different parts of the country, but we are always as dysfunctional as ever. And then there is my dad- the person who I wouldn’t be the same without. And yes, I have a mother but can’t find a picture of her on my computer ANYWHERE lol.


This would be the wonderful Kim. Since my first trip to Romania in 2012 where I cried in her room every night, life has never been the same. She and her amazing family live in the Dallas area, and it is her I will be joining when I make the move. I have bee so blessed to have a mother/daughter friendship with her


Lilly; my ‘little sister’. Well really, she is the daughter of my current assistant at my soon to be old job. What an amazing 11 year old she is!

IMG_9885      IMG_1023

Some of my closest friends. To the left is Angela; my closest, longest, and forever friend. There are many things that I have gone through over the last ten years, and she’s been there for all of them. And on the right are Erin and Courtney. I spent 2 of my best years living with Erin as roommates, and Courtney is just, well….. Courtney!


And in this picture are some of my favorite people EVER. I met Jamie when I visited her in the hospital for work when she had her daughter. The rest is history. She is truly amazing. She and her husband are some of the strongest people I know, and I have learned so much from the both of them! Her kids are equally amazing thanks to their wonderful parenting skills. Jamie is a friend I know I can be 100% myself with and she doesn’t even care.

There are so many more people I wish I could include in this post, and maybe I will later as I gather more photos. But for now, here it is!


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